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In my personal opinion, Jesus, where to begin. Completely juvenile, rabbit trails With an improvement of less shaking Gravity is written and directed I wanted to like This film was surrounded by hype

I wanted to like

First of all, know that 'Oculus' is about a brother and sister Marvel took a risk with "Guardians of the What takes a film from being great Once again, theRead More >

'Oculus' is about a brother and sister When many people saw What a ride! Possibly the only thing Well, this movie has so little in common I don't even know how to review this such fakeRead More >

Oz: The Great and Powerful directed Yes, this film is best If animated films in 2014, other than the I was looking forward to this. I Everything in "The Lego Movie" is, indeed, awesome. Awesome More >

This movie was more than okay. I

22 JUMP STREET (2014) **1/2 Jonah

why bother? this was the question when i

It was a good

I am ashamed that there are

Lets be honest with ourselves. When

22 JUMP STREET (2014) **1/2 Jonah

The dog is smart. He

First, let me say

Just went to watch Iron Man

I went to see this movie because

Oscar made me do it.

The dog is smart. He

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Louis Zamperini's story has been floating around

"Maleficent" is about the evil horned

I thought that 5 featured less cars

Tarantino at his most epic (as

I thought that 5 featured less cars

As a Disney fan both

If you want to see a

12 Years A Slave

*Note: It would be better to read

The movie was incredibly long, boring,

Yes, I would have loved

Who would have thought to make a film

after the 3rd film in

Spoilers**** I really don't

Although most people would agree

Gravity is a perfect theatrical experience. The

Spoilers**** I really don't

This movie was better than I thought

You know your on

My distaste for "Neighbors"

i took my son & daughter

Consensus: A bit boring, but this film

i took my son & daughter

We always carry certain fears within our

Let me be honest,I

Violet Weston (Meryl Streep) takes pills and her

Stand-up comic Kevin Hart cracks me

Michael Crichton would be proud.

Stand-up comic Kevin Hart cracks me

For thoughts, It seems few of

August: Osage County

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It takes no courage to survive,

It's not often that a franchise finds

Director Quentin Tarrantino is a master storyteller

For thoughts, It seems few of

I cannot believe how

People that say this film

Michael Bay does it again! Another ruined

Every once in a while a few special

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. After

Elsa (Eva Bella, Idina Menzel) is the

Unbelievable. As soon as a

I really did like Iron Man

Although it is based on the widely-praised

American Sniper is yet another war film

The story is a long way from