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With too much 2012, and too little Spartacus.

The Set in New Jersey, American There isn't much to saw that hasn't It seems only fair to recognize Need TRUE ANARCHY = TRUE DEMOCRACY = TRUE FEMINISM. Based onRead More >

There's no real doubt about the fact that Well what to say I have to say I was Based on the amount of Based on the graphic novel series by Frank It was not my call to

I agree with a Not enough Iron Man too much Tony There is enough in the book they I have no idea where to To say I feel disgusted and The Lord ofRead More >

I have no idea where to I went to see this movie I The film is recommended. Alright, '12 Years a Slave' Django Unchained is the 8th movie of And that may be because heRead More >

I want to give it an

Gravity (2013)

**** (out of 4)

Visual masterpiece

boring and baffling..i don't get it…the tone is

I wish I was joking

I had toddlers to grandmas watching this

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy about

Gravity (2013)

**** (out of 4)

Visual masterpiece

Another sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise

I thought all three of the

I absolutely love this movie. It has

'The Muppets' was a charming, enjoyable and

Easy to follow story about 5

The Fast and the

American HUSTLE is a whimsical social satire on

Disclosure: This review is written by a

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I was surprised that my wife was

Never being a fan

In the trail of "X-Men: First Class",

A "modern dark(er?)* twist" of

Some of you may already know that I

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One of these movies that give you the

I was surprised that my wife was

Mankind has come a long

'GRAVITY': Four Stars (Out of Five)

This sci-fi 'man

No wonder the original screenplay has been

The Fault in Our Stars

Yup folks! This is no "King of

Contrary to popular opinion I actually liked

Whoever edited and filmed this,

I Just Loved The Movie Overall But ,

Last year, Chadwick Boseman portrayed

If you don't like spoilers, don't continue

My honest opinion on

Good and bloody, and perfectly scripted

Finally watched Frozen. Prior to watching

As said above there are

i was expecting a

Epic sequel! Epic movie! This

I was dragged into this movie in

Enjoyed this movie a lot. You

For me Django Unchained is the most

I was undecided about this one for

This review will contain very light

After the 2011 sci-fi action

As a kid of the 80's

"The future is not

I saw "About Last

The answer: THIS.

My review would be a spoiler

I couldn't imagine what it must feel

Well, that's 90 minutes of my

Unfunny movie that tries

True to Baum's books, and the MGM

I cannot believe how bad this movie is.


Movie execs think: "lets use Ground

The visual effects and CGI in this

Expectations were low. The trailers were

I know–George Clooney and