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Be The Giant Designer in The Industry- Here Is How




Competition between companies is a common feature in the business world. Businesses that engage in manufacturing have the heavy task of ensuring they stay afloat in the market by offering quality products consistently. The industrial design prototyping feature is what saves different companies from experiencing losses in the process of constantly improving the quality of their products. By having different prototypes before production, your company will always be steps ahead of others by designing products that are publicly accepted and ready for the market.

Discover how prototyping can aid your company to be the giant designer in the industry, and always ahead of other companies in that industry. This article has information on that, how to know which prototyping service you need, and how to get it.

The prototyping services you need

A fast prototype design will enable you to view a 3D of your design before sending it to other prototyping machines. The services you need for your design prototype include; CNC machining, Vacuum casting, mold making, injection molding, 3D printing, and so on. A company offering these types of services should be your close partner as they produce prototypes quickly with a top-level appearance.

Best prototyping services for your design- Ares prototype

3 ERP is among the best prototyping companies available in China. With the philosophical name 3E, we work to ensure Excellence, Efficiency, and Economical services to our clients. With our expert team and sophisticated machines that conform to technological advancements, we guarantee a quality prototype in a few days after applying for one.

Why Ares prototype

As you have already established the type of prototyping services you need for your design, Ares Prototype comes in handy in the provision of the exact services you need. The rapid prototyping services offered by Ares Prototype include; Rapid 3D printing that is ideal for printed plastics and metals; FDM, SLA, SLS, and SLM. It is steadfast as it requires no tooling, hence suitable for your design prototype.

Rapid CNC machining. With the operation of large CNC machine centers, Ares Prototype offers a wide range of materials and finishing opportunities plus the freedom to combine CNC machining with other types of prototyping services. As the CNC prototypes are almost the same as the production quality, it is efficient for design prototypes.

Rapid Vacuum Casting. This is suitable for your appearance models. It is a less costly prototyping service as it involves cheap plastic parts. The prototypes are of excellent surface appearance without further processing.

Rapid metal casting. If you deal with metal parts of high quality and need rapid prototyping service, this is the production process you need. This method of prototyping produces near-product quality metal parts at high speed.


In a manufacturing business, innovation is crucial for your company to compete favorably. To prevent losses, your company should partner with the best prototyping company to ensure the high-quality production of their products. Among the Rapid prototyping services needed by a company that needs a design prototype such as yours, for instance, include CNC machining, Vacuum casting, Rapid 3D printing, and so on. Ares Prototype is among the best company in China that offers all the services you need.


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