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Choosing A Genuine Battery For Your Laptop




HP is one of the most popular laptop and computer brands on the market. The brand features various laptop models. The brand also offers a wide range of laptop battery models for their devices, like 933321-855 batteries. Other third-party dealers sell laptop batteries. This post covers the tips you must consider when looking for a genuine HP battery.

Checking the genuineness of an HP laptop battery

The market features a wide collection of laptop battery dealers. Most of them offer a wide range of products at different prices. You may be tempted to choose the dealer offering the lowest prices. However, this is how most people end up with low-quality or fake laptop batteries. Therefore, before spending money on a replacement battery for your laptop, it would help check if the product is genuine. Below is a guide on how you can do this;

1. Start by checking the product number

Even before going to the store to shop for a replacement laptop battery, the first thing you must do is to confirm the product number. Every laptop model and brand usually features a product number. This number aims to help you tell the difference between the different products. For instance, products from the same brands may not feature the same elements or design. Therefore, a product number can come in handy when looking for replacement parts. For instance, when looking for a replacement laptop battery, you will need the product number to ensure that you get a compatible product for your device. Checking the product number and ensuring that it is compatible with the machine is a way to check the genuineness of the battery.

2. Test the condition of the laptop battery

Another way you can check if your new laptop battery is genuine is by testing its condition. This is especially easy if you are working with an HP laptop. HP features a battery check feature. You can use this feature to test the battery’s condition before finalizing the deal and getting the new battery. You have to test the battery condition by running the battery check test via the battery health manager.

Doing this is quite easy. However, you can search the internet if you are not sure about how to do this. Note that HP is not the only brand that allows you to do this. Other brands also have their battery test tools which you can research and apply.

3. Check the details of the old laptop battery

When buying a replacement battery, most people only check the product number. However, if you want to get the most genuine product, it would be wise to check other details of the old battery. This includes details like the materials used to make the battery and the power rating.


Besides the tips listed above, you may also choose to check the seller’s reputation from whom you wish to purchase the product. This is especially the case if you are not purchasing the laptop battery from the manufacturer. Ensuring that the reputation of the seller is spotless will save you a lot of hassle and headache.


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