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Everything about the Working Principle of Screw Compressors!




If you have any knowledge about screw compressors then the rotary screw compressor has always gained the attention of the audience. This type of compressor has a positive displacement by trapping the air or gas in its chamber and then reducing its space to raise the pressure to discharge.

An amazing addition to the rotary screw compressor is the pair of rotors fitted amazingly for compression. On the other hand, the twin crew compressor has a male rotor and a female rotor for the corresponding working. Both rotors enhance the working of the screw compressors hence it is considered a better addition. Let us learn about the working principle.

Working Principle of Screw Compressors

Screw compressors are used in various fields of life to give relaxation to customers. In the present industry, screw compressors have maintained their position by providing good results and maximum efficiency. To develop a better understanding of screw compressors it is always encouraged to first know the working principle of the tool.

Screw compressors have a rotor according to their type as some have two or single rotors. In some screw compressors, the male rotor continuously rolls down the piston in a downward direction while the female rotor traps air and reduces space to raise pressure. With this addition, the rotor reaches the female rotor and hence traps air in the pocket.

Some compressors work in an oil-free environment while some need to inject oil for better working. Oil-injected lubricated compressors are efficient in their working because they have a cooling system as well as lubrication with it. They also have a noise dissipation in the screw compressors along with a sealing quality hence they are better.

Cooling Of Oil

The main functionality of the compressor is to convert the shaft working into a more useful airflow. To create adiabatic compression the generated air retained its heat in the chamber. Sometimes heat is added or removed from the chamber to create isothermal compression.

The heat generated in the isothermal compression is sometimes removed in oil-injected screw compressors oil. The oil which is injected in the chambers has a temperature between 60-700°C. It is important to avoid moisture condensation with the oil. For better working, oil is circulated in the oil coolers to maintain temperature.

Separation of Oil

The compressed air along with the oil leaving from the end is now entering the separator. At this point, most of the oil is going to be removed to maintain the compressed air velocity and direction. Filters are present to maintain the low range of oil for efficient working.

After Processing Through Coolers

It’s time for the air cooler that is specially designed to cool the air to remove extra moisture present in it. There are specially designed coolers working as a radiator for heat recovery for the facility of heating. Different rotary screw compressors also have water cooling exchangers of heat as an advancement.


All the compressors that are present around are less than 100% efficient and you can measure the efficiency through the isentropic efficiency compression ratios system. When the pressure is increased the temperature automatically increases with it and so as the entropy of the fluid present.

The loss of energy is the entropy of the system and the real compressors require extra work to increase the pressure of the air from the same outlet as compared to the theoretical compressor. The reality is that there must be another measurement to compare the efficiency of compressors with one another.

Sum Up

Due to the present demand of the industry, most of us are fully aware of the importance of screw compressors. Just knowing the compressors are not enough, rather you must have a basic knowledge of the working principles of the tool. Oil screw compressors are new and advanced in their work as the above guideline will help you to learn more about them.


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