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Guide to Installing Lift Support Struts for Car




Any car owner should install lift support struts because it is a quick and necessary process. Accessing the engine compartment and cargo area is made simpler and safer thanks to lift support struts, which support the weight of hoods, trunks, and tailgates. You will find instructions for installing lift support struts in your car in this article.

Getting the Needed Tools Together

The necessary tools must be gathered before you can start the installation process. You will require a wrench, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers in addition to a pair of lift support struts that are compatible with the make and model of your car.

Location of the Mounting Points for the Lift Support Struts

The mounting points for the lift support struts must be found next. The positioning of the mounting points can vary depending on the make and model of your car. For information on your vehicle’s mounting point locations, consult the owner’s manual for your car or conduct an online search.

Taking Out the Old Lift Struts

The old lift support struts must be removed once the mounting points have been identified. The mounting bolts holding the lift support struts to the vehicle must be removed using the wrench. You can use the pliers to hold the mounting bolt in place while using the wrench to turn the nut if it is challenging to remove the mounting bolts.

Installing the New Lift Support Struts

Now that the old lift support struts have been removed, you can add the new ones. Begin by mounting one end of the new lift support strut to the vehicle’s mounting point. Next, fasten the lift support strut’s other end to the hood, trunk, or tailgate mounting point.

Testing the Lift Support Struts

You must test the new lift support struts after installation to ensure they function properly. The lift support struts should be tested by repeatedly opening and closing the hood, trunk, or tailgate. The hood, trunk, or tailgate should be able to open and stay open if everything is functioning properly.

Some Tips to Install Lift Support Struts

Following are some pointers for installing lift support struts:

  • The hood, trunk, or tailgate should be held open by a second person while you install the lift support struts. This will make mounting the lift support struts on the mounting points simpler.
  • Ensure the lift support struts you install are the right make and model for your car. Using the incorrect lift support struts can damage your vehicle or make the hood, trunk, or tailgate malfunction.
  • Before installing them, inspect the lift support struts for any damage or leaks. The lift support struts must be replaced if they are leaky or damaged because they won’t operate properly.
  • Use penetrating oil to assist in loosening the mounting bolts for the outdated lift support struts if you are having trouble removing them. Before attempting to remove the bolts, spray the penetrating oil onto them and allow them to sit for a few minutes.


A simple task that takes little time to complete is installing lift support struts. You can install lift support struts in your car and ensure your hood, trunk, or tailgate operates correctly and safely by following the instructions in this article and keeping these suggestions in mind. Always use lift support struts that are appropriate for your car’s make and model, and inspect them for damage or leaks before installing them.


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