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Is HONOR Choice Wireless Earbud a Good Choice




Listening to music in headphones was introduced in the 1920s, and since that time, it has attracted the particular attention of scientists and musicians. Nowadays, when technology is developing so fast, Wireless earbuds can be a great choice depending on your situation and preference. Different designs and styles are abundant when it comes to earbuds. Each of them can be an interesting solution for your needs. But most of them have one thing in common – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to choose the appropriate one.

That is why this article will tell you all about HONOR choice wireless earbuds and go over the main features of wireless earbuds, and discuss its relative strengths and weaknesses in detail. So that before you make your purchase decision, you consider all the different factors. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about wireless HONOR choice earbuds.

Features of HONOR Choice Earbuds

Premium Sound Quality

The 7mm diaphragm has been perfectly tuned to produce clear vocals with full bass, especially mid and high tones. The lower-pitched sounds are deep, rich, and crisp. It is equipped with an advanced HD driver system which takes loudness to the next level.

Touch Controls

These earbuds are equipped with advanced touch sensors, which gives you an amazing firsthand experience of fast touch response. These sensors are present on both earpieces. Certain gestures do a certain function, which is given as follows:

  • Double-tap on any of the earbuds plays or pause the music. It can also cancel an outgoing call or even end it.
  • If you tap on any earbud but hold your fingertip there for 2 seconds, it will cancel an incoming call.
  • If you are listening to music and want to switch to the previous track, just press the sensor on the left earbud for 2 seconds.
  • If you are listening to music and want to skip to the next song, just press the sensor on your right earbud and keep your finger there for 2 seconds.

Audio Playback of 24 Hours

HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds permit you to stream music unceasingly for up to six hours before they need another charge. When you’re out of juice, fast charge the case to get another 3 full charges, giving you an extra 18 hours of playback. As for the call timings, you can talk for 4 hours straight without charging.

Noise Cancellation

The two earphones are made with 4 integrated microphones and Digital Signal Processing technology for listening to the person you’re talking to, without any distractions.

Fast Auto Pairing

These earbuds do not lag and connect with the compatible devices fast and without any unnecessary delay. Both the earbuds are in sync with each other, with an actual latency of 130ms. The first pairing between these earbuds and your device has to be done manually.

Other Features

This has a net weight of 47.1 g. the wireless connection is 5.0 Bluetooth. The HONOR choice has an earbud battery of 55mAh, while the charging case battery capacity is 500mAh. The charging is done by USB type-C cable.


If you are a music lover and want to add another good quality earphone to your list of the ‘must-have’ accessories, these earbuds are the best choice for you. Apart from being lightweight, adjustable, and portable, these little devices are known for their capability to deliver high-definition sound quality without any noise interrupting the listening pleasure. So, stop wasting your time and such a heavy amount on mediocre products that can never match up to an extremely exciting gadget such as HONOR choice wireless earbuds!


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