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Things to Look for Before Buying A USB Charger




Technology has made our lives so much easier, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the gadgets we need to charge daily. From cell phones to tablets to power tools, many of the devices we use each day are charged by connecting them to a USB port on our computers, laptops, or even wall outlets. Before you make up your mind to shop now any USB charger, there are several things you should consider when making your purchase. Continue reading for five things to look for before buying a USB charger.


Many phone chargers come with an indicator light that lets you know whether your device is safe and charging correctly. This may seem like an unnecessary extra feature, but it’s actually vital for users who buy unreliable knock-off devices. Fake chargers are known to overheat and even explode, which could cost you your life or cause damage to your home.


This can vary, but many chargers charge at 1.0 amps. That’s plenty of power, but there are faster chargers out there that can juice up your devices more quickly. You may pay a little more for one of these, but if you often use your phone or tablet while it’s charging—for web browsing, watching videos, and so on—it could be worth it.


There are dozens of different models of phones, tablets, and computers on the market. Before purchasing any chargers, do your research and make sure they work with your particular device (and version). Some devices use micro-USB ports instead of standard ones—which isn’t necessarily an issue as long as you have access to one of those adapters; it’s worth checking that information.


If you’re going to be plugging in your phone all day and maybe even traveling with it, you want a USB charger that can handle some wear and tear. The best way to make sure it’s sturdy is to check out customer reviews—you want people commenting on how well-made it feels. A flimsy one will break faster than an expensive one with great reviews.


A cheap, unreliable USB charger is essentially just as dangerous as one that’s been engineered with substandard parts. Poorly-manufactured chargers can overheat and cause fires or electrocute users, so read reviews of any product you purchase and buy from a reputable retailer. If possible, check that your retailer offers replacement guarantees if your device does end up malfunctioning. Look for third-party certifications on your charger, too; many countries require electronics to pass certain safety tests before they can be sold within their borders. This isn’t foolproof protection against wrong products, but it helps reassure consumers that manufacturers are being held accountable for their creations. Finally, choose a model that has been built with durable materials; high-quality components will last longer than low-grade ones. You don’t want to replace your new phone charger after just a few months of use!


A USB charger can be very convenient to have, especially when you are traveling or just need an extra charger at home. It’s small, lightweight, and convenient. Buying a USB charger might not sound as difficult as it actually is. It is because, with all the different brands out there and all the different types of chargers, it can be hard to know what kind to buy. We hope after reading the above points that purchasing a USB charger won’t be an issue for you.


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