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What Is The Smallest Projector In The World?




Vankyo projectors might be one of the greatest creations of all time for it allows people to get the best experience of watching. Today we will be seeing about one such great projector. “VANKYO’s Leisure 470 Pro Phone Projector” is said to be the world’s smallest 1080p projector. This works well as a 5G Wi-Fi outdoor projector too.

In this article, we will see about the smallest projector in the world, the kind of places or occasions you can use a Vankyo Projector, and the features and reasons to buy a Vankyo Projector.

Where To Use A Vankyo Projector?

We will now look at what kind of places or occasions you can use a Vankyo Projector. This list includes classrooms, seminar halls, basements, outdoor movie theatres, and camping.

1. Perfect Addition To Classrooms

Most of the classrooms are already equipped with projectors. But the question here is if it is as good as the Vankyo Projector? The Vankyo Projector is accurate and reliable making it a perfect addition to any type of classroom.

2. Best For Seminar Halls

Seminars and presentations go hand in hand in all kinds of conversations so there is no doubt that the projector is one of the things you might find extremely useful on occasions like seminars.

3. Turn Your Basement Into A Theater

Ever thought of pulling a movie night with your beloved friends but had no idea about the place for the movie night? How about the basement? Turning your basement into a theater might be one of the best ideas. You can do so by streaming your favorite movie via the Vankyo Projector and having the greatest movie night experience ever.

4. Perfect Outdoor Movie Theater

If plan A for a movie night was the basement then plan B would be the outdoor movie night because not a lot of people might be able to turn their basement into a theater but it is pretty much possible to consider the option of an outdoor movie theater.

5. Take With You On Camping

A melancholic circle of people sitting around the campfire reminiscing about their life is a common part of camping. You can add an element of some sort of thrill and fun by taking a projector with you while camping and having fun altogether.

Why Vankyo Projectors?

The Vankyo Projector has a list of charming features of its own that offers you a bunch of reasons why you should prefer the Vankyo Projector over all other kinds of projectors.

1. Compact Design To Fit Anywhere

It was previously mentioned that the Vankyo Projector is the smallest native 1080P projector this means it is conveniently portable for outdoor purposes such as movies, sports, and gaming.

2. High Lumen Count

The Vankyo Projector has a high lumen count. Lumen is the measuring of brightness. If it has a high lumen count then that means it produces high-quality screening.

3. Dolby Sound System

The Vankyo Projector has a Dolby sound system that makes people feel every single beat and sound to the fullest satisfaction and get the sensational sound delivery. This helps a person to immerse themselves in all kinds of sounds without any problems.

4. 1080P Visual Graphics

The Vankyo Projector lets you have an enhanced experienced serving as a treat for your eyes because of its extraordinary clarity and brilliant colors.


The Vankyo Projector is an impressive projector that stands a level above all other types of projector with its outstanding features which include groundbreaking small size, ultra-fast 5g Wi-Fi, cinematic visuals, immersive sound & cooling technology, and portable versatile connectivity.


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