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How to Choose – Plastic vs. Metal Shopping Trolleys




As an essential item of supermarkets, shopping trolleys play a vital role in-store maintenance. The quality and functionality of these trolleys can make or break your store’s image.

A high-quality and appealing shopping trolley will keep your customers engaged and satisfied. Shopping Carts are designed differently based on their capacity, material, and applications; it becomes difficult to decide which one is suitable for your store.

Many buyers get confused about material selection; plastic or metal. If you are also stuck at this point, you need a clear understanding of the features and benefits of both types.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into the critical factors associated with both materials that will help you make a better decision. Let’s start analysis!

1. Durability

The durability of plastic trolleys depends on the quality of the material. Make sure to buy only the standard high-quality shopping trolley plastic material.

The metal trolleys are supposed to be sturdy, but it doesn’t mean that you can buy anything. The first-rate metal trolleys can last >10 years.

2. Weight Bearing Capacity

Durable and large-sized plastic shopping trolleys can carry up to 250kg weight. These trolleys are available in small sizes to large one. Based on your store type, you can select.

The maximum capacity of metal carts is almost 450kg. The capacity is mentioned in the portfolio so; you can check the capacity of different products.

3. Rusting

The primary benefit of plastic trolleys is that they are rust-proof. In contrast, the metal trolleys are susceptible to rusting. Rusting affects the functionality of carts and makes it harder to push them.

Weather plays a significant role in rusting. If you live in a humid and salty air environment, plastic carts are better than metal.

4. Noise Production

Plastic carts are relatively quiet to work with than metal ones. The low noise production makes the shopping comfortable.

5. Cart’s Weight

A common misconception about plastic trolleys is that they are lightweight but accurate. The metal trolleys are way lighter than the plastic trolleys of the same size. The metal trolleys are made from metal wire rather than a complete metal structure.

6. Repairing

The plastic carts are almost impossible to repair in case of any damage. These carts need recycling after breakage. However, the metal carts are easy to repair and maintain.

7. Design Variations

Plastic trolleys are available in countless different colors and designs. The latest kid’s friendly carts are also made from plastic. On the other hand, almost all metal carts give the same look.

8. Kid’s Safety

The ratio of kids’ injuries with shopping carts is very high in the US. The plastic carts are much safer than the metal ones when it comes to safety. Even though the metal carts have safety precautions like corner bumpers, they can still cause damage.

Best Plastic Trolleys

  • Latest 360 degrees trolleys
  • Kid’s and toddlers’ plastic trolleys
  • Two-tier plastic trolleys
  • Kid’s car basket carts
  • Plastic platform trolley

Best Metal Trolleys

  • Fan-shaped metal trolley
  • European metal carts
  • American metal trolleys
  • Canada 2-tier metal trolley
  • IKEA Metal cart
  • SPAR Double Basket trolley

You can purchase these best trolleys from RedSheep at a reasonable price, with a two-year warranty and a customized design. Choose any of the types mentioned above based on your business and product category.


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