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Why You Need the Latest Buttonhole Machine Designs




Garments involve a whole lot of procedures before you can wear them. One of them is creating buttonholes. A buttonhole machine from Alibaba is responsible for forming the holes depending on the number of buttons needed. Buttonholes have different styles influenced by the button shapes. The buttonhole machine creates neat, well-finished holes quickly compared to hand sewing. The machine you choose affects the kind of holes created. Since there are varying designs, always choose the correct type for the buttonhole you need. This extract explains the advantages of the latest buttonhole machine designs.

Why choose the latest buttonhole machine designs?

These machines come in handy for various apparel. You can use them to create straight holes for shirts, eye holes for coats, jackets, trousers, etc. All buttonhole machines use the lock stitch and chain stitch. However, the current designs have more features and benefits, such as;

Higher productivity

Years back, these machines were manually operated. With time, they evolved into the electrical type that most tailors and sexists prefer. The modern designs are quite fast, and their speed is amazing. Actually, you must be really careful when using them to avoid any accidents. The sewing speed is above 4200 rpm, which is perfect for quick sewing.

Good seam quality

The seam quality with previous designs was good, but it’s much better now. Technological improvements have played a role in equipment upgrading, and a buttonhole machine is among them. The knot tying at the start of the sewing process is excellent and consistent. All garments end up having similar seams despite the cloth design or material. The technology also helps the different sewing settings like whip stitching, double stitching, and purl stitching, all contributing to great seams.

Multiple sewing techniques

The previous buttonhole machines had limited sewing techniques. The current models have better and improved 30-plus patterns for versatility. The technological feature of the buttonhole machine enables you to change these patterns easily. This means you can research multiple patterns with no limitation and pick the best for your clothing. The machines can store over 100 patterns for future use.

No oil stains

The buttonhole machines have advanced dry head technology. It allows them to operate without lubrication, making the materials free from oil stains. Stains would ruin the fabric or force the production team to have a different setup for cleanup. When this happens, the cost will rise and this is not what you want. The best decision you can make is to invest in the right machine for your business.

Presence of an auto lifter

The pedal comes with an auto-lifter for easy sewing. The stepping motor controls the lifter, which reduces fatigue. Sewing can be tasking, especially with foot movements. The auto-lifter makes everything easier. That also increases the output, which translates to more money.


The latest buttonhole machine designs are a great purchase. They make buttonhole sewing easier, quicker, and more seamless than previous machines. They may cost higher than traditional machines, but the features and advantages that come with them are attractive. Alibaba has a variety of these machines at favorable prices, and their quality is excellent.


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