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What kind of materials does an investment casting company process?




Investment casting mainly creates detailed and complex parts that industries use for various purposes. But the investment casting company takes a look at what materials to process before time. Not like they start melting a metal that can’t even give a response on getting heated. Rather, the companies chose something that can help them make the parts which people can use in the long run.

Investment casting uses various ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals. But the most commonly used ones include aluminum and its alloys. Some manufacturers also like to use copper or titanium. Apart from that, carbon steel and stainless steel are also good choices in this regard.

So, let’s take a look at the materials an investment casting company choses for processing.

· Aluminum

It is one of those metals which is available the most on earth’s crust. And for the same reason, manufacturers use it for various purposes. Some of the benefits of it include, it is reflective, more conductive and lightweight, machinable and durable. Investment casting companies use it for construction, transportation and packaging purposes.

· Stainless Steel

The main components that make this steel alloy include chromium and iron. Stainless steel is durable, heat and corrosion-resistant, strong and durable. But the only flaw is that you can only use it under certain environmental conditions. But still, it is used for harsh environments because of its anti-corrosion property. So, it is a good option to use but with certain limitations.

· Copper

One of the very few metals that mankind used for the very first time was copper. And to this day, it has utmost importance in the industry. It is a great conductor of heat & electricity and is ductile as well. Investment casting companies make Brass and other such non-ferrous alloys with it. This method which utilizes copper is strong, resulting in the making of jewelry and other equipment.

· Steel

Another addition to iron alloys that most investment casting companies use is steel. It is available in more than 3000 grades including mild steel & carbon steel. But the interesting thing is that steel is more durable as compared to iron (alone). So, this is obvious that alloys have more value than the metal alone. Investment casting for steel creates the parts which can bear heavy loads with ease.

· Titanium

The investment casting of titanium is very strong just like the casting of steel. So, the investment casting companies use it for making turbochargers and many other industrial tools. Also, they use it in making aerospace components. This helps the planes withstand the pressure of air which is way too much.


Many investment casting companies do some research before using any materials to process. This makes them understand which material will suit for different applications. This also makes them lessen their expenses because they cast the metals on the basis of their strong and weak points. And the best part is, they take alloys into account also. That is the reason why they cast titanium less and work on steel more.


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