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How to Choose a Wholesale Liquid Filling Machine




A liquid filling machine is a considerable part of the food and pharmaceutical industries. It fills bottles or containers with liquid while passing on a conveyor belt. Sites like Alibaba have variants of these machines with different mechanical power. Some are automatic, semi-automatic, or manual. The automatic type is the fastest and has the highest rate of production. Selecting the most suitable liquid filling machine can be challenging. We explain things to consider when choosing a wholesale liquid filling machine below.

Considerations for choosing a wholesale liquid filling machine

Are you ready to scale up your production? Do not make the mistake of buying the machine blindly. There are several aspects to consider as a buyer. The machine should handle your product safely since it’s in direct contact with it. It should be efficient and maintain the quality of the liquid product. Other points to look into are;

Machine automation level

It determines the production rate and the number of items to be filled daily. Production levels are usually high for wholesale purposes as many products need to be put out. Choose whether you want a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated machine based on your production demands. Whichever you choose, ensure it is upgradable and can hold extra filling heads when necessary. That might end up saving you a lot of money in the future. It is because you will not have to buy a new machine but rather upgrade with a low budget.

The state of your liquid

Any detail concerning your liquid product is vital during the machine selection process. Thick and sticky fluids use different liquid filling machines from the water-like fluids. Piston fillers work well with viscous fluids, while gravity fillers are best for semi-viscous fluids. Select a machine whose nozzles allow chunks of items to go through like in sauces.

Containers to be filled

Industries use varying containers for packaging. Liquid products come in bottles, tetra packs, pouches, etc. This shows that the shapes and sizes may not be similar, especially when dealing with different liquid items. You may be filling plastic or glass containers with varying lids or caps. All these are things to bring forth during the selection. Choose a machine that’s flexible enough to accommodate various containers.

Proper integration

A liquid filling plant has several machines working together, and the liquid filling machine is one of them. Ensure the machine you pick seamlessly integrates with the existing ones for efficiency. Automatic filling machines do this perfectly. However, the manual and semi-automatic can be tricky, so think about them before buying. But that does not mean they cannot serve you. You only need to make a few adjustments or seek expert help, and your machine work as you want.

Final words

A wholesale liquid filling machine is a huge purchase for any company. Selecting the ideal one is vital for efficiency. Whether starting a new plant or buying an existing one, be keen on the liquid product. Get a machine that can meet the production demands through speed and accuracy—additionally, factor in the price. The devices have different mechanisms; hence the cost varies.


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