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What Makes Your Android TV Box Lag?




Do you know that an Android TV box ensures that your TV is up to date since you allow it to smart-function? Buy the best Android TV boxes by clicking this link (https://www.geniatech.com/). At Geniatech, you will find some of the best TV boxes available on the market. Whether you are looking for functionality, aesthetics, or both, there is something for you. But that notwithstanding, you should note that the efficiency of a TV box slows down when you ignore it. A slow TV box can impact how your TV performs. While not many people notice the Android box TV lag, knowing how to handle it will help you in case of an issue.

Issues that make your Android TV box lag

You have probably used your TV box for a couple of years without any problem. The chances are that you will not experience issues anytime soon. However, if you don’t give it the attention as dictated in the manual, some problems might show up. A major issue is lagging. Understanding the root of your TV box lagging can help you determine your next cause of action. Here you will find a few reasons your Android TV box may lag.

Too many apps

If you install too many apps on your Android TV box, you may have a problem, especially if they are not active. Each TV box comes with a specific storage space. After purchase, make sure you confirm the storage space. The amount of space will guide you on the number of apps you should download. Too many apps result in some running in the background, thus, making your TV box lag and become unresponsive.

An overheating device

It is not very common for an Android TV box to overheat. However, overheating can also cause your TV box to lag. The lagging will impact the efficiency of your operation, such as app opening. You can test overheating by laying your hand on the TV box to detect its temperatures. In most cases, poor-quality TV boxes are known for overheating.

An outdated version

Android TV box operates courtesy of an Android operating system. The system, like most technologies, often undergoes transformation and innovation. The new versions are often better and more efficient than the previous ones. If your Android TV box has an outdated version, it may lag or operate slower than the new versions.

Slow internet

The lagging problem does not always have to be with your Android TV box. In this case, a slow internet connection can also prevent you from accessing your favorite apps. If you run the box at an internet speed of less than 5mbs, it may take longer to open apps. This also happens when the internet is congested.


An android TV box that offers low optimal function can be very frustrating. It can also limit your enjoyment, whether it is your favorite shows or games. Before you call an expert, determine whether any of the above is the cause, and have an easy fix. That will save you time and money. Avoid issues by investing in Geniatech Android TV boxes.


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