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Why You Shouldn’t Use Foldable Treadmills for Pet Exercises




Foldable treadmills are usually small and light in weight, which makes them easy to store and move around. However, most pet owners don’t realize that these treadmills are not designed for pets. In fact, they can be very dangerous for your pet.

Here are some reasons why you should avoid using walking pad treadmills for pet exercises:

Noise and Reverberations

If you have no otherwise than to use the human treadmill, make sure that the treadmill doesn’t produce too much noise or reverberations when in use. This can be a problem especially if your pet is sensitive to sound and vibrations. If this is the case, then it’s best not to use a foldable treadmill at all since they tend to produce more noise than others do.

Inadequate Side Rails

Foldable treadmills are made with flimsy side rails that are not as strong as standard side rails. The weak side rails can easily be damaged or even broken during pet exercises. If your dog or cat jumps on the treadmill while you’re exercising, there’s a chance that he will damage the side rails and injure himself in the process. This could also cause injuries to you if you’re standing close to him when this happens.

Short Tracks

Most foldable treadmills have short tracks that make it impossible to run long distances without stopping or having to walk in between sprints. If a pet is running on a foldable treadmill with a short track, he will have difficulty getting enough exercise before he becomes tired out or injured by running into one of the sides of the track while attempting to turn around at the end of a run or sprint.

Missing Slow and Very Fast Speeds

The slow and very fast speeds on most foldable treadmills are missing because they don’t make sense when the machine is folded up. However, these speeds are important for pet exercises because they allow you to control how fast or slow your pet walks on the machine. Without them, it’s difficult to find the right pace for your dog or cat so they don’t get bored not walking too slowly or too quickly.

Inconsistent Belt movement (Gaps between belts and edges)

The belt is the surface that the pet walks on. This surface will have gaps between it and the surrounding frame of the treadmill. These gaps may be small or large depending on how tightly you have adjusted the belt to fit against the frame of the treadmill. If these gaps are large enough, then a dog could fall through them and get injured or worse, get stuck in between two belts while walking on it. This can cause serious injuries to their legs if they fall through these openings while walking at full speed!


Most foldable treadmills have rubber tracks instead of belts because they are easier to clean and they don’t break down as easily as belts do. However, rubber tracks have one major drawback: They’re not designed for pet use! Pets don’t have the same stride length as humans do; therefore, their feet won’t always touch the rubber track at exactly the same spot each time they step onto it. This means that there will be random gaps between where their feet land on, making it dangerous for the pet.


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