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Characteristics of Smart Wifi Bulbs




Smart light bulbs or wifi bulbs have become so popular in homes. The growth has increased the number of wifi bulb manufacturers to meet the demand in the market. These lights use wireless transmissions to send out or receive signals. They operate differently to facilitate the job even when you are far from home. They are a cheaper and more convenient option for creating a smart home. This article highlights the characteristics of smart wifi bulbs.

What are the characteristics of smart wifi bulbs?

Smart light bulbs have multiple features that prove beneficial. They provide options for use, unlike the traditional bulb, which just lights the room. The wireless connectivity helps you link them with apps on your phone or laptop. Here are a few things about them;

You can control them from anywhere

The wifi connection plays a significant part in this. The wifi connection to the smart bulb is made when installing it. Therefore, you can still control the bulb from far away as long as your phone has a wifi connection. You can switch on or put off lights in one or all rooms. Most smart bulbs have a hub to sync all the house lights and use a single app to control them. It’s a great way to secure your house, especially at night when you are not around.

Have color-changing options

These LED smart bulbs have million-plus colors to light your space. After purchase, you can install the bulb’s app on your phone to access the color wheel. So the bulb changes depending on the color you tap on the wheel. Some colors bring warmth to the room, while others make it extraordinary. You can also use the bulb for parties to produce multiple colors at once.

Can play music

Some smart light bulbs have inbuilt speakers that allow you to hear music from your phone or computer. Linking the bulb with your gadget via wifi or Bluetooth makes it possible. However, wifi is preferred over Bluetooth due to the limited range. An advantage of this feature is that you can listen to your favorite music from any corner of the house, provided you have an active connection. Try this bulb if you also want to avoid the bulkiness that comes with traditional speakers.

They are dimmable

Other than choosing a color to warm the room, you can dim the lights to get similar effects. You don’t need dimmer switches with smart wifi bulbs. The bulb is dimmable through the corresponding app on your phone. Are you always too lazy to dim your light because you have to access your switch, which in most cases requires you to wake up? This is the bulb you need because all the operations are digital.

Bottom line

Smart wifi bulbs are the best if you want affordable, simple, and efficient devices for your home. Some have more and better features than others, but the ability to connect through wifi is the game-changer. It provides many options in terms of control within or outside your house. Check out Alibaba for the many smart wifi light bulb choices for your space.


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